Serie, Abstraction cimetières Ménerbes

[Miriam Hartmann]

Abstraction cimetières Ménerbes
묘지 추상 연작 

  • Size 50x70cm
  • Digital Print
  • Original painting size & material
    20 x 20 cm,  종이 판넬 위에 유화 Huile sur carton





Places of silent eloquence
facing the absurdity of death.
“Feelings” or “opinions”, “positions”,
become obsolete REACTIONS.

Humility is extending mind.
Some thoughts of the period were about
unavailability and omnipotence, illusion of…
The necessity to face death, to accept,
and even welcome in a way
– life is not possible when ignoring death.


– The Story of painting, Miriam Hartmann –




 An Artistic Journey to Provence